Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More than Meets the Eye!

So I was browsing through the runway shows on style.com and the first one up today was Louise Goldin. I guess she is relatively new to Fashion week, not that that would matter because I usually only remember Marc Jacobs (LOVE HIM).

Her line really caught my eye for a few reasons. First off let me say when I see a fashion show I look for a continuous theme to run through the designer’s line. Like on Season One of project runway when Jay had all his designs paired with these completely retro headphones on all the models. Loved It! But designers need to have more than a funky accessory to get this across. And Miz. Goldin’s show did just that. Her pieces were funky and original, but not necessarily wearable (but this is just one humble fashion bloggers opinion and I have been wrong more than once!).

Looking through the shots of this show I immediately saw a Sci-fi theme, and wondered immediately if that was correct. Upon ready the commentary on style.com this was confirmed.

"Since the minute I finished the last collection," she explained, "I was researching Inuit culture and sci-fi, experimenting with computer programs so I could mix traditional pattern with the pixelation you'd see on a monitor screen." But I really think this is just Fashion speak for I really like Transformers and Tron and those totem pull things you find in America!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It's ok, Louise, Soundwave was my favorite Decepticon too!

There is some more interesting “Space Eskimo” pieces if you check out her whole show:

Louise Goldin Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection Slideshow on Style.com .

All in all I will say that I liked it. If good old Marc Jacobs can send oversized Parkas and 80’s style sweat bands down the runway and be considered Fashion Forward, who is to say that Louise Goldin isn’t!

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Jessica said...

These outfits are totally geek chic, which is what i term my personal style lol so i think i could feasibly wear some of the styles, but i think the decipticon one is a little too intense for me bordering on the treky side of geek away from chic lol