Thursday, February 28, 2008

Current Covet of the Day!

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

I Just redid my closet and no I don't have room for more shoes but that doesn't stop me from wanting more. I drool for shoes. I have however vowed to only buy shoes I will actually wear. I noticed i have about 6 pairs of heals that have been designated to sitting only shoes. Meaning I can only wear them if I plan on sitting 90% of the time. And the walk from the car to the venue better be really short. Less than a city block short. I can't give them up though I love them like little pieces of art. Perhaps I should frame them so they will at least get more purpose than just sitting at the bottom of my closet.

I found these shoes at Nordstroms by Jeffrey Campbell. They are all priced around $100 and look fairly comfortable with 3” or lower heals. I will have to find time to go down to Nordstrom and try these on. I love the Oxford style ones. I think I could even wear them with a skirt. I haven’t really been into the bootie craze but I do think these are cute. I doubt I would buy them but I will probably try them on at the store.

I am also in love with the idea of the Sofft Brand Shoes. They are supposed to be comfortable and some of them are really cute. Like these cute t-strap platforms that would look really cute with jeans. And if I can walk in them for a few hours I am sold! Fashion + Comfort is my goal!

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