Monday, February 4, 2008

Cute or Not?


I can't decide if these Boots/ Mary Jane's from Urban Outfitters are Cute or Not? What would you wear them with? I find my self oddly attracted to them. They are undeniably ugly but fashion isn't always pretty. I think that these shoes would look much better with out that shiny black boot lip. Imagine some purple tights under those puppies instead of that glossy blackness. Much more intriguing.

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Jessica said...

So is the Black Shiny Part part of the shoe or is it the manikin foot, because if the black is not part of the shoe they are totally cute to go with skirt or a shirtwaist dress, or even a sweater dress. If the black is a part of the shoe then they could be passably cute with black tights/leggings and I'm seeing some type of olive on top.