Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Custom Shoes!

I briefly mentioned this in my last post. But I think it deserves its own posting. Steve Madden's website is selling shoes you can customize! It is pretty fun to play around with, but I am not sure I want to plunk down $90 plus dollars for a pair yet.

Here is a pair of flats my sister designed. I really like them. You can also chose to have a flat, stacked or kitten heal on some of them. The one thing that would make this site AMAZING would be if you could pick heal height for some the pumps. I would love to get a Medium Heal instead of the 3 inchers they have now! I can't wear those to work and schelp the 4 blocks to coffee that I have to walk!


Jessica said...

Dude I'am really feeling those shoes; I like the grey green know how i go through colors where i subconsciously buy only in one color first pink then green now purple, i thought teal was the next ( like a peacock green purple teal so pretty) but now i don't know i might revert back to green but this time accent with grey or buy grey and accent with green. That would be weird i never buy neutral except brown, Maybe its a sign I'm maturing...ooh do you know what I need some dark gray skinny jeans. lol wow maybe i should have just blogged about this.

Camilla said...

The flats look really cute!
I love websites were you can customize things :)