Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Be your own Fashion Editor!

So tonight my sister and I were chatting via gmail about fashion and this blog. I was trying to convince her to guest blog on here for me. She has a sense of style I will never possess. So good with the accessories and the layering.

While we were designing shoes for ourselves over on the Steve Madden website, and she mentioned it was like the Fashion Fast Lane over on the Bravo website but with more options (the Fashion Fast Lane is really not that Fashionable) and it reminded me that there is a better website out there for putting together outfits.

Polyvore allows you to put together full outfits just like you were a fashion editor. You can even add some theme decor to it. I put together a quick example. Here are two outfits for my Valentines outing. I am heading to a local club and watching my husband do a DJ set for our friends birthday.

Of course I have none of the items listed above but it was fun to play with! Go to Polyvore and make your own!

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Lynn said...

Keep up the good work.