Thursday, February 28, 2008

Current Covet of the Day!

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

I Just redid my closet and no I don't have room for more shoes but that doesn't stop me from wanting more. I drool for shoes. I have however vowed to only buy shoes I will actually wear. I noticed i have about 6 pairs of heals that have been designated to sitting only shoes. Meaning I can only wear them if I plan on sitting 90% of the time. And the walk from the car to the venue better be really short. Less than a city block short. I can't give them up though I love them like little pieces of art. Perhaps I should frame them so they will at least get more purpose than just sitting at the bottom of my closet.

I found these shoes at Nordstroms by Jeffrey Campbell. They are all priced around $100 and look fairly comfortable with 3” or lower heals. I will have to find time to go down to Nordstrom and try these on. I love the Oxford style ones. I think I could even wear them with a skirt. I haven’t really been into the bootie craze but I do think these are cute. I doubt I would buy them but I will probably try them on at the store.

I am also in love with the idea of the Sofft Brand Shoes. They are supposed to be comfortable and some of them are really cute. Like these cute t-strap platforms that would look really cute with jeans. And if I can walk in them for a few hours I am sold! Fashion + Comfort is my goal!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Handmade Goodness!

Sorry I have been MIA blogosphere, but I have been super busy with work and home improvement projects as well as lots of fun socializing. I don’t have time to post much this week either with the impending visit from out of town family this weekend but I thought I would do a quick post on my new obsession, Etsy. Etsy is “your place to buy and sell things handmade.”

There are so many amazing independent artists, designers, and crafters selling their wares on this site. Etsy is basically a really hip online craft fair and flea market. And most of the items are completely affordable. This is going to be my go to site for hard to find items, hard to shop for people, specialty items, costumes etc.

Here are a few designs I am digging on today:

Otack - makes handmade handbags this clutch is only $54. It reminds me of Kate Spade but better. I love the pretty lining of the bag as well. It really shows that some pride was put into the design of these bags.

I am also a total freak about giving the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings etc. I am always on the lookout for good gift Ideas. Etsy has my mind reeling with ideas for various birthday gifts right now.

For your favorite vinyl loving professional, hobby, or closet DJ who has to work for the "man" Monday -Friday you could get one of these adorable ties from Lithium Independent for only $17.99:

I am totally in love with this art from
Perhaps. An 8x10 print is only $15. So adorable.
In the need for some fun costumes stuff? Going to a Rave? Burning Man? Etsy is you place.
Look at the cute tulle skirts, corset tops and accessories that MTcoffinz has to offer:

If you like the tulle skirt from Mtcoffins you will love the tutu's sold by
Falling Angel Goth Togs. All the skirts cost about $60 and they will custom make it
for your size!

Oh there is So much more to be had on Etsy too. Wedding accessories, jewelry galore, art, toys. I guarantee this will not be my last post on this subject. But I have to get back to work now! Blog ya later!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chanel Anyone?

On the way to a meeting for work yesterday I strolled past Saks and they had a window display done for Chanel handbags. I was drawn to it like a Moth to the Flame. I stood there drooling over the beauty that is Chanel until I thought perhaps Saks would send Security out to make me move, or at the very least a window washer to clean up the smudge marks from me pressing my face against the glass and saying “come to Mama my lovelies.”

Here is a pic of Kim Catrall from the upcoming Sex and the City movie, rocking an amazing Chanel bag! I would probably sell and ovary for that bag.

Polyvore is Addicting!

An email from my sister:
I am Plaid Crazy about you lol. Happy valentines day...I'm so addicted i have made like 5 outfits already i just wish i had the clothes in my wardrobe lol.

I hope she doesn't fail out of school from this addiction. Do you think they have Polyvore support groups like AA? I guess in this case it would be PA.

Loving the Plaid!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Custom Shoes!

I briefly mentioned this in my last post. But I think it deserves its own posting. Steve Madden's website is selling shoes you can customize! It is pretty fun to play around with, but I am not sure I want to plunk down $90 plus dollars for a pair yet.

Here is a pair of flats my sister designed. I really like them. You can also chose to have a flat, stacked or kitten heal on some of them. The one thing that would make this site AMAZING would be if you could pick heal height for some the pumps. I would love to get a Medium Heal instead of the 3 inchers they have now! I can't wear those to work and schelp the 4 blocks to coffee that I have to walk!

Be your own Fashion Editor!

So tonight my sister and I were chatting via gmail about fashion and this blog. I was trying to convince her to guest blog on here for me. She has a sense of style I will never possess. So good with the accessories and the layering.

While we were designing shoes for ourselves over on the Steve Madden website, and she mentioned it was like the Fashion Fast Lane over on the Bravo website but with more options (the Fashion Fast Lane is really not that Fashionable) and it reminded me that there is a better website out there for putting together outfits.

Polyvore allows you to put together full outfits just like you were a fashion editor. You can even add some theme decor to it. I put together a quick example. Here are two outfits for my Valentines outing. I am heading to a local club and watching my husband do a DJ set for our friends birthday.

Of course I have none of the items listed above but it was fun to play with! Go to Polyvore and make your own!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More than Meets the Eye!

So I was browsing through the runway shows on and the first one up today was Louise Goldin. I guess she is relatively new to Fashion week, not that that would matter because I usually only remember Marc Jacobs (LOVE HIM).

Her line really caught my eye for a few reasons. First off let me say when I see a fashion show I look for a continuous theme to run through the designer’s line. Like on Season One of project runway when Jay had all his designs paired with these completely retro headphones on all the models. Loved It! But designers need to have more than a funky accessory to get this across. And Miz. Goldin’s show did just that. Her pieces were funky and original, but not necessarily wearable (but this is just one humble fashion bloggers opinion and I have been wrong more than once!).

Looking through the shots of this show I immediately saw a Sci-fi theme, and wondered immediately if that was correct. Upon ready the commentary on this was confirmed.

"Since the minute I finished the last collection," she explained, "I was researching Inuit culture and sci-fi, experimenting with computer programs so I could mix traditional pattern with the pixelation you'd see on a monitor screen." But I really think this is just Fashion speak for I really like Transformers and Tron and those totem pull things you find in America!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It's ok, Louise, Soundwave was my favorite Decepticon too!

There is some more interesting “Space Eskimo” pieces if you check out her whole show:

Louise Goldin Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection Slideshow on .

All in all I will say that I liked it. If good old Marc Jacobs can send oversized Parkas and 80’s style sweat bands down the runway and be considered Fashion Forward, who is to say that Louise Goldin isn’t!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fashion Inspiration- Rock Band

So I, like most 20 somethings (I can say that for 5 more months!), have been addicted to the video game Rock Band for the last couple months. If you haven't tried playing it and you are at all into music and rhythm or being a Karaoke whore you will love this game. Now I am, like a large portion of ladies out there, TOTAL crap when it comes to video games that do not involve a member of the Mario, Kong or Pac family.

At first I was skeptical. I was terrible at Guitar Hero. Really terrible, I failed Training Mode... which is kinda impossible according to my friends. But Rock Band had a Microphone and it was calling to me. And on a Side note totally unrelated to the point of this post, Rock Band is a lot of fun and I think easier than Guitar Hero. I completely recommend everyone try playing it if they like to sing, or drum on the table, or air guitar along to there favorite songs. It only takes a couple songs before you start to pick it up. Really! I mean I was the worst ever and now I play on Hard sometimes.. but Hard is really really really hard so it is only when I am feeling very skilled.

OK Back to Fashion.

So if all the above didn't convince you the game is fun well check this out. One of the aspects of the game is that you create your own Rock Star personality. You pick hair styles, outfits, tattoos, shoes, customize instruments. You play gigs either on a Solo Tour or with your Band and you earn money. And you spend that money on MORE CLOTHES, SHOES, ACCESSORIES, and Hairstyles.

Its a game about shopping!!!! I literally squealed with Delight with I found this out. And spent like a week solo touring and earning money so I could buy more outfits. There is quite a bit of options on the game for you to choose from and you can win different items of clothing or accessories the more you solo play.

I have found myself getting inspired by some of the outfits in RockBand when dressing to go out to different DJ events for my friends.

Here are some RockBand Fashions I picked up off the net. I have yet to get a screen capture of my Alter Ego, but I assure you she is pretty awesome!
But what I have been coveting most about my Rock Band alter ego is her hair. Right now she is a brunette with Pink Bangs. I really like it and think the pink bangs would be fun to play with. But I have this pesky job where unnatural hair color probably wouldn't go over to well.

So I am going to try this temporary hair die that I found to see if my friend Erin and I can rock the colored hair Friday to Sunday and have our boring hair back by Monday and be office appropriate.

We order this product called Streekers online. It is made for kids so they can play around with colored hair but not commit to anything and horrify their parents. So this 29 year old child will be trying it next weekend.

I will let you know how it works blogosphere!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Fashion 101

In honor of Fashion week the Sundance channel is showing Fashion Documentaries. I am currently watching the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton documentary that was produced by French TV. It is freakin amazing. I love it. It is delving into Marc Jacobs thought process for his designs for LV and his own brand. You see him interacting with Anna Wintour and Posh. And the visual stimuli is awesome and inspiring. I am loving every minute of it.

If you missed tonights showing never fear you can purchase a copy of the documentary on Amazon:.

Tomorrow night is the documentary Seamless. It is about a fashion/design competition put on by Vouge. It is described as a "grittier version of PROJECT RUNWAY". Wednesday night is a documentary about Karl Lagerfield and Thursday is Yves Saint Laurent! Set your DVRs People!

Cute or Not?


I can't decide if these Boots/ Mary Jane's from Urban Outfitters are Cute or Not? What would you wear them with? I find my self oddly attracted to them. They are undeniably ugly but fashion isn't always pretty. I think that these shoes would look much better with out that shiny black boot lip. Imagine some purple tights under those puppies instead of that glossy blackness. Much more intriguing.