Thursday, May 22, 2008

Discount Thursdays!

Check out the sale section over at eLuxury for up to 40% off designer goods!

Look Marc Jacobs for $139!
Look a Derek Lam Clutch for almost 50% off!
and Finally the OMG I have to have. Mr. Delusional this would be a good gift for me HINT HINT this stunning Luella by Goldenbleu for only $389!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Discount Thursdays!

I have a couple good discounts for you shoppers this week.

First I know you love Oh Deer! Shoes as much as I do. If you got to their website and become a member at Oh Deer! you will get a Thank You coupon for 20% off purchases of Oh Deer! shoes on the website. You have to download a coupon application but I swear its safe. It didn't crash my computer and I have Vista you so you know that was a scary road to wander. Click here to become a member.

For all you Interior Designers, and Brand Whores for Furniture out there I also have a great discount for shopping at Design Within Reach. If you follow this link here, it will take you to a Survey from the CEO of DWR. Fill out this Survey and at the end you will get a coupon code for $200 off your next purchase of $1,000 or more. So go get that Eames Lounge you have been eyeing or the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair that will complete your living room. Replace that Ikea lamp with a real Nogochi lamp!

Also stock up on your summer wardrobe at Old Navy this week! Get 15% off when you use your Old Navy Card. Just type in this coupon code at checkout: DH9H38V6WW4T

Looking for a good Summer Beach Read? Go to Borders and get 40% off. Click here for the coupon or read this fine print:
After $20 purchase requirement is met, scan or enter barcode #159035030000000000 and Borders Rewards number any time during the transaction. If the item to be discounted is a SPO item, Enter Rewards number, Ring item, select S1, highlight item, select S5, scan or enter coupon #159035030000000000, enter 40%, confirm, press Enter, proceed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

More Shoe Love!

It has been well established that I am a shoe obsessed woman. My friend "Steffaree" compares the obsession to a drug addiction. I have to agree with that because I do get a little bit of a high every time I buy a new pair. But lucky for us ladies, shoes are like a drug with multi release capabilities (we like those multis don't we!). Perhaps when Huey Lewis sang about how he wanted a "New Drug" he should have tried Shoe Shopping.

And the pristine "Grade -A" shoe high? Christian Louboutin's! I dream of owning a pair. Oh how those red soles call out to me. But right now Mr. Delusional, who is not so delusional when it comes to money, says no to the pricey designer shoes. So I must find other ways to satisfy my lust.

oh Deer! Shoes do that! They are adorable high fashion shoes at a moderate price, around a $100 per pair. Some pairs also have an adorable Red Sole just like Mr. Louboutin's heels! Fake it till you Make it Baby!

So cute! Love the color of these teal with silver.
T-Straps, oh how I love thee. And check out the sequins the last one. Oo La La! Momma Like!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Discount Thursdays!

Ok so its a bit late but its a good one so forgive me. 20% Off at H& M for Friends and Family Discount! The Friends and Family discount runs from May 23-26 and you have to click this link to sign up for it. You are then given an application to load on your computer to print the coupon. Its probably way more complicated than it has to be but thats the way your favorite European Department Store works. Now unfortunately H&M doesn't have online shopping (seriously what century are they living in? who doesn't have an online shop? but you have a facebook and a myspace profile wtf?) so you have to use this coupon in store. Even more devastating than that the Northwest shops in Seattle don't open until Fall 08. So unless I have a trip planned to San Fransisco later this month (which I don't ) I can't use it.

Enjoy it my lovelies that live close enough to an H&M to use it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You know your obsessed with shoes when..

So last night I was watching Law and Order SVU (the best one natch!). It was a particularly suspenseful one where at the end the Perpetrator turned out to be the Defense Attorney! Anyway I called that early on because she was obviously in love with the guy who's finacee was killed.

So during the dramatic ending where she was getting ready to jump off the top of a building and pull her client/un-requited love interest over the edge with her so they could be together in the hereafter, I yell out "Ooo CUTE SHOES"during the close up of her feet as she of course stumbles on the ledge dramatically. Then I proceeded to yell "Show them again, show them again! I want the shoes!" My husband meanwhile is sitting there horrified (either at me or the show... jury's still out) and totally drawn into the show as the couple tumbles to there death on the streets of Manhattan. Of course they don't have a close up shot of the shoes on the website or you tube.. BOO! NBC Boo!

They kind of looked like these:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thoughts on Handbags

Women love shoes. What is the one thing they love more than shoes? Handbags. Expensive handbags preferably. I remember the rush of getting my first "status" bag. My mother bought me a Dooney and Bourke for my 8th grade graduation. I loved its textured leather and little brass duck fob. I thought it was the grandest bag ever. It was tiny too. I loved that bag for a long time then my friends dog ate it.. stupid dog. Probably why I hate Dachshunds to this day.

I have since moved on to other designers: Kate Spade, Betsy Johnson, Chloe, Mulberry, Luella, Marc Jacobs, and had sweet sweet dreams of owning a Chanel! But I have never bought a Coach bag. I have come close many times. I even bought a wristlet once only to return it the next day ultimately unsatisfied. Why is this?

Coach makes some very cute bags. I am often drawn to the Coach Counter at Macy's to look at the pretties. But I never walk away with one. I think I realized why this weekend. I was at the local Cinco De Mayo festival with my husband. As I was people watching I decided to count the number of Coach bags I saw. I counted 20 in the first half hour! And at least 5 of them were the same bucket style. Why are women so drawn to this brand? Is it because it is an affordable status bag? I don't know if it really can be considered a "Status" bag if everyone has it.

My advice to shoppers out there is if you are going to go with a Coach Bag make sure to get one that is a little different than the Status Quo for Coach Shoppers. Stay away from the Brown Monogram bags. Go for a different color. Like these:
The Color accents or the black on black monogram will set you apart from the average coach carrier. Or even better try buying one the Leather Coach Bags. I feel this is where they have some really beautiful bags. Perhaps it is because "the founder of Coach was first inspired by a baseball glove when he saw its distinctive markings and how supple it became with use," (

The new Ergo collection and the Madeline bag from coach are particularly cute.

Of course those are Coach bags over $400. That seems to be the deal at Coach all the cute ones I like are the more $$$ ones.

Dicounts On Monday!?

This is kind of a last minute deal but it is Friends and Family discount time at Macy's. It ends today but you can shop online with the discount code until midnight probably and get 20% off all your purchases!
Use coupon code: MACYSFF

There are some restrictions like you can't use it towards a Coach purchase online, Cosmetics and Fragrances and anything considered and Everyday Value (Lame I know). But it might apply to instore purchases of those items the wording on the coupon is vague. I am sure if you go to a Macy's tonight and do some shopping and ask for the discount they will give it to you.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bag Borrow or Steal

Need to impress someone with you look? Job Interview? Got a touch of A.D.D. when it comes to your style? Can’t commit to one Handbag? Can’t afford the ‘IT’ bag but would love to carry it for just a few weeks? Try Bag Borrow or Steal and Rent your dream handbag by the week or month.

The website has Bags ranging from a vintage Hermes Birkin Croc bag at $1,632 for the week to Kate Spade and Coach Bags for $40 a month.

One of the stylists at the Salon I go to uses their service and loves it. Personally I get emotionally attached to my handbags so the renting wouldn’t work for me. But with your free Membership you also get access to the Bag Borrow and Steal Outlet where they sell the gently used handbags and pretty good discount! Like this Lulu Guinness Couture 'Lucille' bag originally retailing for $1,125 now on sale for $335! That is 70% off Lulu Guinness Couture! I also like the Bruciato Handbag by Dolce & Gabbana on sale for $535 that’s 33% off!

Since its still Discount Thursday here is one more Coupon Code!

GET 25% off any handbag rental at BAG, BORROW OR STEAL with the Coupon Code:BBOSFABULOUS25

Discount Thursdays!

Ok I have searched the interwebz for the best discounts out there! And here are the ones I picked for today!

First up Saks Fifth Avenue is having a 40% of Designer Sale. There is large selection of designer goods like these adorable Gucci shoes and lots of Camper Ballet Flats that are under $100. Also if you type in the code “SPRINGFS” at checkout for free shipping on purchases of $150 or more. Lets face it even designer clearance items are usually more than $150 so the code will probably come in handy to save you that last ten bucks in the end!

For all you Plus size girls out there here is a coupon for 15-20% off your purchases at The Avenue. They have some cute summer dresses out. Also I totally recommend the Cloud Walker Shoes if you have a wide foot! The styles can be hit and miss but it is worth checking out! P.S. How cute is Whitney on ANTM? Ya she is a Bitch, but her blunt ways make her a girl after my own heart. I hope she and Anya are final 2!

Anyone nesting out there? Target is offering 15% off Furniture orders of $125 dollars or more and FREE shipping!

Illustration from Jacqueline Bissett at Illustration Web.