Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gift Ideas For ME!

Ok so this is a shameless self promotion. But what good is a blog about things you love if you can't make a list of good gifts for the blog owner so that she will get some awesome Birthday Gifts. And Since this Birthday is going to be a Dark Dark Day the presents better be good.Everyone says I am hard to shop for. I always find that very surprising. Mostly because I am a consumer. I love stuff. I think perhaps the problem lies in the fact that everyone things I like expensive stuff. Which is true but I can't afford a lot of expensive luxury items and I figure out how to get a lot of things that are great deals. I know when to stretch my dollar. Also I am pretty picky about my clothing and I am a plus size girl so buying clothes for me that I will like is pretty much out of the question for most gifts unless I go shopping with you. But there are still so many gifts out there I would love.

Hence this post. I will list several gift ideas for me in a wide range of prices. For all you readers out there that do not know me personally you can send gifts to PO Box.. HA just kidding. But really this is a good look at gifts for any stylish Lady.

Lets Start with the more expensive treats!!! After a quick browse over at eLuxury and I have found this adorable shoulder bag from my favorite designer Marc Jacobs. But at $550 I don't think I will be getting it this year. Mostly because Mr. Delusional and I have decided in lieu of Birthday Gifts this year we bought ourselves a new flat screen TV. $550 at eLuxury

A more economical bag would be this cutie by Kate Spade from Nordstrom's for $245. Its in thesame color scheme as the Marc Jacobs but in a hobo bag. Adorable. Also Kate always puts the cutest lining in her bags.$245 Nordstroms

I know I said buying me clothes it out of the question unless you want to pick me up something from the Rachel Pally collection at Nordstrom's. Like this dress:

Ok lets bring this down to the less than $200 range.
Lets start with Sunglasses. I love designer sunglasses almost as much as a status bag. How about these cuties from Marc Jacobs. I might not be able to wait until my Birthday for these lovelies. Look at the cute side detail and the great shape of the lenses.
Marc by Marc Jacobs $115

Or these cute Sunglasses from Betsey Johnson at Nordstrom for only $75!Betsey Johnson $75
They have a great classic aviator shape that looks good on many face types.

There also a ton of gifts out there under $50. First of all I am on a total Old Navy Kick. So a gift card to old navy would be fine if you feel really lazy. But for more personal gifts I am also wanting a few pairs of brightly colored Havaiana's Flip Flops. Which can be found at many many places. Another great gift is jewelry from local crafters. I really like Talia Serinese Designs at Saturday market. She also has an Etsy shop with a smaller selection of her work. Etsy in general is a great place to find gifts for people for great deals. I recommend browsing the vast listings even just to get gift ideas.

Ok I am loosing blogging steam but I will end with these are just suggestions. Also I by no means expect to get gifts for my birthday. This is merely a list of suggestions for things I like for people who were planning on buying me gifts but get hung up on what to get me and then ask me what I want. Other things that make great gifts: books or movies that make you laugh and will probably make me laugh as well, concert tickets, bottle of wine that you like.. chances are I will like it too! Art that strikes you as beautiful will probably strike me as beautiful. Flowers are always a wonderful surprise, potted or cut. Honestly I am easy. I love everything that is pretty or shiny or thoughtful. And I know on my Dark Dark Day that is my Birthday this year anything that will make me laugh will be much appreciated as I say good by to my youth.


The Wonk said...

Dammit, why didn't I think of shameless self-promotion for my Dark Dark Day? I fail. Anyhoos, points well taken!

steffaree said...

OOO wonderful idears darling! Thanks for writing about it its a super help.