Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You know your obsessed with shoes when..

So last night I was watching Law and Order SVU (the best one natch!). It was a particularly suspenseful one where at the end the Perpetrator turned out to be the Defense Attorney! Anyway I called that early on because she was obviously in love with the guy who's finacee was killed.

So during the dramatic ending where she was getting ready to jump off the top of a building and pull her client/un-requited love interest over the edge with her so they could be together in the hereafter, I yell out "Ooo CUTE SHOES"during the close up of her feet as she of course stumbles on the ledge dramatically. Then I proceeded to yell "Show them again, show them again! I want the shoes!" My husband meanwhile is sitting there horrified (either at me or the show... jury's still out) and totally drawn into the show as the couple tumbles to there death on the streets of Manhattan. Of course they don't have a close up shot of the shoes on the website or you tube.. BOO! NBC Boo!

They kind of looked like these:

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Steffaree said...

I'm right there with you the shoe porn draws us in.