Monday, May 5, 2008

Thoughts on Handbags

Women love shoes. What is the one thing they love more than shoes? Handbags. Expensive handbags preferably. I remember the rush of getting my first "status" bag. My mother bought me a Dooney and Bourke for my 8th grade graduation. I loved its textured leather and little brass duck fob. I thought it was the grandest bag ever. It was tiny too. I loved that bag for a long time then my friends dog ate it.. stupid dog. Probably why I hate Dachshunds to this day.

I have since moved on to other designers: Kate Spade, Betsy Johnson, Chloe, Mulberry, Luella, Marc Jacobs, and had sweet sweet dreams of owning a Chanel! But I have never bought a Coach bag. I have come close many times. I even bought a wristlet once only to return it the next day ultimately unsatisfied. Why is this?

Coach makes some very cute bags. I am often drawn to the Coach Counter at Macy's to look at the pretties. But I never walk away with one. I think I realized why this weekend. I was at the local Cinco De Mayo festival with my husband. As I was people watching I decided to count the number of Coach bags I saw. I counted 20 in the first half hour! And at least 5 of them were the same bucket style. Why are women so drawn to this brand? Is it because it is an affordable status bag? I don't know if it really can be considered a "Status" bag if everyone has it.

My advice to shoppers out there is if you are going to go with a Coach Bag make sure to get one that is a little different than the Status Quo for Coach Shoppers. Stay away from the Brown Monogram bags. Go for a different color. Like these:
The Color accents or the black on black monogram will set you apart from the average coach carrier. Or even better try buying one the Leather Coach Bags. I feel this is where they have some really beautiful bags. Perhaps it is because "the founder of Coach was first inspired by a baseball glove when he saw its distinctive markings and how supple it became with use," (

The new Ergo collection and the Madeline bag from coach are particularly cute.

Of course those are Coach bags over $400. That seems to be the deal at Coach all the cute ones I like are the more $$$ ones.


Jessica said...

I feel the same way, especially when i see knockoff coach bags I always wonder whats the point of a knockoff coach bag if you are going to use a knock off i feel you should go for the gold with channel or another dream brand that you will realistically never be able to afford. Also that the coach bags always look so similar bothers me too i want to my purse to make a statement that sets it apart, i'm not going to pay good money to blend with the crowd. Like i love my new purse that i bought at Buffalo Exchange not only was it less than 20$ but it is also helping the earth through recycling. And its yellow can we say school spirit lol

The Wonk said...

Here is a fun little fact you may not know. Mario Batali (and so help me Sweet Baby BeJesus if you don't know who he is) is married to the daughter of the founders of Coach. They have a really big farm with (obvs) lots of cows and also fresh produce. They met because she use to sell their fresh veggies and stuff to restaurants in NYC. That's your Celeb Chef Fact of the Day. You're welcome.

Delusional Fashionista said...

You know I didn't know that. But I am assuming you have been watching chefography on food network. I love that show! Mario Batali was next on my list. Did you see the Iron Chef where Batali and Rachel Ray kicked Stupid Bobby Flay and Giada's buts?

Good Times.

The Wonk said...

Oh, Bobby Nipples McGee? Yah, I toatlly saw that.
I actually learned it from Wiki, because I was reading a book called "Heat" by Bill Bufford wherein he (Bill) a journalist by trade, begged Batali to work in his kitchen for free as an apprentice of sorts because he was facinated by the inner-workings of a chef/restaurant kitchen (much like myself). A lot of it is about Batali's life and start of his career so then I had to do some obsessive research on him. So there you have it.

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