Thursday, May 8, 2008

Discount Thursdays!

Ok so its a bit late but its a good one so forgive me. 20% Off at H& M for Friends and Family Discount! The Friends and Family discount runs from May 23-26 and you have to click this link to sign up for it. You are then given an application to load on your computer to print the coupon. Its probably way more complicated than it has to be but thats the way your favorite European Department Store works. Now unfortunately H&M doesn't have online shopping (seriously what century are they living in? who doesn't have an online shop? but you have a facebook and a myspace profile wtf?) so you have to use this coupon in store. Even more devastating than that the Northwest shops in Seattle don't open until Fall 08. So unless I have a trip planned to San Fransisco later this month (which I don't ) I can't use it.

Enjoy it my lovelies that live close enough to an H&M to use it.

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