Friday, May 9, 2008

More Shoe Love!

It has been well established that I am a shoe obsessed woman. My friend "Steffaree" compares the obsession to a drug addiction. I have to agree with that because I do get a little bit of a high every time I buy a new pair. But lucky for us ladies, shoes are like a drug with multi release capabilities (we like those multis don't we!). Perhaps when Huey Lewis sang about how he wanted a "New Drug" he should have tried Shoe Shopping.

And the pristine "Grade -A" shoe high? Christian Louboutin's! I dream of owning a pair. Oh how those red soles call out to me. But right now Mr. Delusional, who is not so delusional when it comes to money, says no to the pricey designer shoes. So I must find other ways to satisfy my lust.

oh Deer! Shoes do that! They are adorable high fashion shoes at a moderate price, around a $100 per pair. Some pairs also have an adorable Red Sole just like Mr. Louboutin's heels! Fake it till you Make it Baby!

So cute! Love the color of these teal with silver.
T-Straps, oh how I love thee. And check out the sequins the last one. Oo La La! Momma Like!

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Steffaree said...

Dear oh Dear how I love OH DEER. And I also love the 'shoe porn'.