Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Week Continued

Continuing with the Eco theme for the week I found a few more brands for you to get your sustainable groove on with. First up is Gentle Souls, a brand by Kenneth Cole that’s goal is to combine fashion, comfort and care for your feet. But not only does it have few cute pairs of shoes that I would actually wear and are good for planet, but they are also supposed to be super dooper comfy. Hence fulfilling my goal of only buying shoes that I can trek a mile in and not want to saw off my bloody stumps of feet at the end.

The shoes have a Deerskin lining that they claim is “Supple and breathable” and they “provide softness and comfort while conforming to the shape of your foot”. Not only that but the shoes also have “Flaxseed Memory Pillows” embedded in the footbed of every shoe to mold to the shape of your foot and provide cushioned support. The padding under the deerskin lining is a memory foam developed by NASA; Poron. Apparently those Science guys got bored with Space exploration and focused on Woman’s Shoes. They are Smart!

Anyway these shoes sound amazing. I might have to skip down to Nordstrom’s and try them on! The “Oh Girl” pair shown here retail for $195.

The next two paris of shoes are from Terra Plana . Terra Plana uses a variety of eco-friendly materials in their shoe construction, like Chrome free and vegetable tanned leathers, recycled materials, pure latex soling materials, recycled rubber soles and recycled foam foot beds (but are they from Nasa? Or does Mr. Cole only have that hook up jk!).

Terra Plana also introduces an eco revolutionary leather by-product, E-leather. It is a unique blend of leather and textile fibers intimately 're-woven' and finished to look and feel like good quality leather. E-Leather is produced with closed loop water usage and best practice pollution prevention methods.

The styles shown here are Aquilla and Ursa. I really like the Aquilla, it comes in a few other colors but the red makes me want to go Salsa dancing. The Terra Plana shoes are all in the $160 range. Still cheaper than Jimmy Choo! According to there website they don’t have any retailers in Portland currently otherwise I would defiantly add them to me to try on list. I will have to do a shoe shopping post with pictures soon!

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Jessica said...

I love those red strappy shoes, i went tangoing last night and all the ladies had amazing heels on. I want sexy latin dance shoes